Assessment Criteria

Your Expression of Interest and full application proposals will be assessed against these key headings:

Are you undertaking R&D?

To check that you are actually undertaking R&D within your project we will ask the following basic questions when assessing your application;

  • Is it aimed at new findings, Novel.
  • Is the project based on original, not obvious concepts and hypotheses, Creative
  • Is there a level of uncertainty about the final outcome
  • Is the approach systematic
  • Will the project / activity lead to results that could be possibly reproduced – resulting in the transfer of new knowledge. Transferable/or reproducible

Does it fulfil the brief?

Clwstwr is looking for the development of new products, services and/or experiences that:  

Explore new ways of telling our stories

  • Create new forms and formats of short and medium-form content.
  • Develop new – as yet unimagined - creative formats.
  • Create new forms of informational storytelling.

Engage and build audiences and markets in new ways

  • Develop new models and forms of delivery designed to reach and engage new audiences.
  • Exploit skills in bilingual and multilingual production at home and internationally.

Create new ways of working to build sustainable business models

  • Create new products and services to strengthen business models, practices or infrastructure for production.
  • Create collaborations between people and companies from different creative and technology sectors.
  • Create content that builds new Intellectual Property (IP) and exploits existing IP opportunities.

These areas are a guide - if you have an innovation which falls outside of these areas which clearly addresses an issue or problem, then we still want to hear from you.

Will it have a positive economic impact?

  • Collaborative potential e.g. utilising multiple creative sector/non-creative sector partners.
  • Potential of Intellectual Property (IP) created.
  • Scale of economic uplift.
  • Likely number of jobs to be created/retained.
  • Number of businesses that will benefit.
  • R&D practises adopted.

Will it have a positive social and/or cultural impact?

  • Representation of Welsh culture, language, stories, landscapes.
  • Reaching new and diverse audiences or markets.
  • Increasing diversity of, and access to, the sector.
  • Environmental impact.
  • Other social and/or cultural benefits.

Is the proposal achievable and realistic?

  • Clear and achievable timescale for key deliverables.
  • Realistic level of risk.
  • Experience level of the team.
  • Resource requirements including technological capability.
  • Overall financial proposition and level of match funding secured/required.
  • Commercialisation potential.