Cipolygon Clwstwr is a series of online monthly sharing sessions where Clwstwr cohort members will share insights and lessons that they have gathered from their screen R&D projects so far.

Our first Cipolygon Clwstwr event was News storytelling through modular journalism with Shirish Kulkarni and you can find more about that event here.

The next Cipolygon Clwstwr will be held at Wales Tech Week and will focus on AMPLYFI's Clwstwr project, AI in the Newsroom.

Wales Tech Week is held by Technology Connected between 13 - 17 July. This unique virtual festival of webinars, workshops and digital events will showcase the breadth, strength and diversity of Wales' thriving technology industry.

AI in the Newsroom - Rony Seamons, AMPLYFI
16 July 2020

As part of this project, AMPLYFI has been exploring how AI can be used to surface, validate and present newsworthy content for journalists. 
Phase 1 of the project was set out to fully understand the pain points within the industry - what challenges do journalists face in their day-to-day jobs in terms of researching data. By fully understanding the problems faced by journalists, we'd be in a much stronger position to scope out the technology required for Phase 2 of the project.
In this webinar we'll discuss:

  • How we used the 'A day in the life of....' approach
  • Understanding the existing tech landscape in media
  • Human and machine biases
  • Breaking Vs Investigative journalism - can we service both?
  • What AI-based technology are we going to build in Phase 2?

This session will be held online, using Zoom.
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