How we want to work with you

Clwstwr’s focus is to deepen a culture of innovation in the screen and news sectors. We want to work with industry to build a connected, enabling, ambitious ecosystem in South Wales which challenges, disrupts and progresses. To survive and thrive, the screen and news sectors need to do new things in new ways. This means:

  • understanding how technology, social trends and patterns of behaviour are changing, and anticipating what kinds of new products, services and experiences might improve people's lives;
  • using research and development and to design, challenge, refine and test ideas and bring them to market.

What do we hope Clwstwr funding will achieve?

Clwstwr aims to transform Cardiff into a home for screen innovation that sustains and grows media production, moving the city from strength to leadership in an international marketplace.

We want to work on Research and Development (R&D) projects that have both an economic benefit – creating, sustaining and growing businesses – and that make the world a better (smarter, healthier, more diverse, more interesting) place. 

Clwstwr will fund innovative ideas relating to either screen or news which will result in new products, services or experiences that:  

  • Explore new ways of telling our stories
  • Engage and build audiences and markets in new ways
  • Create new ways of working to build sustainable business models

Clwstwr welcomes applications, and opportunities for partnerships from everyone. We are keen to attract people to work with us from a broad range of backgrounds. Through this we believe we can continue to look at the world with fresh eyes and find new ways of doing things. 

We particularly welcome applications from women, black and minority ethnic people, disabled people, LGBT+ applicants and Welsh language speakers as they are under-represented within our cohort currently.  We will be monitoring our activity across the three years and will ask you to provide reasonable, relevant information around your team and your project.

Please refer to the Clwstwr Challenges for more detail on the nature of project we are interested in supporting.